Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let Me Count the Ways

I love this singer and this song for many reasons...

--It's a smiling and humming song & her voice is amazing

--I love how Kara's eyes fill up with tears while Didi is singing Kara's song

--I love how Didi tells the judges she's been "working real hard at this and I think it's my time."

{Isn't that a life lesson for all of us?}

--It's a love song and love is always great

--Didi auditioned for Idol in memory and honor of her best friend

--Didi seems genuine and warm...real

--And the ultimate test?  If Didi had a cd, I'd buy it yesterday.

--So tell me, do you like Didi's voice, too?

This post brought to you by a Mac.  Thanks to all for weighing in on our decision!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Yay!! You got your new MacBaby! :)

You'll never look back!

Congrats, friend!!


Tyson K said...

Just passing through! Great song
Check out Calhoun on my blog.

patty said...

.... i LOVE this song, this singer...
....{i love that she's from knoxville}...

... i love that you brought it to us!! ...

on another *note*, do you love it-the MAC??! {c'mon, i know you do!}

patty said...

did you get that? 2nd attempt:

thanks for this ... i love the song and her sweet voice. and i love that she's a waitress and i love that she's from knoxville!!

and now, do you love your mac?! :)

Lazarus said...

I had heard about this song on the radio and the clip you attached was the first I'd seen of it, thanks for sharing. Great job by that waitress who probably won't be one for long. I just happened upon your blog by hitting "next blog" from my own (lgreport), great site, your pictures and graphics are light years ahead of mine. Keep up the good work!

traci said...

I loved her from the first round. Her voice is amazing.

Tiffany said...

I completely agree with you. This song is amazing and so is Didi's voice!

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