Friday, February 26, 2010

green day


oh, how i need me some green

hurry spring!

I'm linked up to Patty's McLinky Picture Party -- come on over and join the fun. 
I know you'll love Patty as much as I do!


patty said...

is that apple real?? i mean, it looks too perfect! love how the light shines on the table from behind...b eautiful shot, cathy!
thnx for playing!

edie said...

perfect! and i love 'vintage you'!

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

Oh, yes! I do, too! What a pretty photo!

Ruth said...

Love this picture!!

I need some green and spring here too. Hopefully, we will both get some sunshine soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

imoomie said...

Hunting for the green too! I have some bulbs peeking up in my yard...soon...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic and love the quote at the top of your blog.

Autumn is on its way down here which means that spring is just around the corner for you :-)


Anonymous said...

Idk, this blog just seems so calm. xD
I like it lol.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Is that a real or a fake apple?

Frank question for a real friend.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, thanks for reading. I try to keep it interesting. I enjoyed yours too! Thanks again.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i coud reach out & eat that pretty apple!
and with a bit of peanut butter! :)

gonna link up tomorrow... see you there! :)

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