Wednesday, February 24, 2010

buried no more


video killed the radio star

was the last time i watched MTV

but it pays to have a 16 year old in the house

to bring me back to a long forgotten love

music + videos circa 1981 = totally rad  

{i want my mtv...}

{if you just sang that line instead of reading it, you're my age}

my new favorite show?

on MTV

who would-a-thunk it?

and on top of that

it's a show i want my kids to watch

{but not your be the judge on that one}

If you had one day left to live what would you do? Ride a bull? Throw a legendary party for everyone you love? Vegas? Now if you had your whole life to live, would you lose that drive, or would your list just keep getting longer? 

This is the real life adventure of four young men on an epic quest to prove that anyone can do anything. With cameras rolling, Duncan, Ben, Jonnie and Dave set out with a list of 100 dreams: everything from kissing Megan Fox to giving a toast at a stranger's wedding to giving away a million dollars to falling in love. 

But they also made a promise to themselves. For every goal they achieve on their list, they help a stranger do something on theirs. 
(MTV, The Buried Life)

the boys in the buried life are college graduates who got their idea from (get this) a poem written in the 1800s

our dreams are sometimes buried by everyday life

but these boys remind us that it's

never too late to resurrect our dreams

and live them --

while at the same time, helping others live their dreams


what do you want to do before you die?

i'm crazy about these boys


patty said...

i caught a glimpse of this show the other night. and as my husband clicked on to the next, an audible 'nooooooooo' was heard througout the otherwise quiet house...
thanks for sharing the story. love it.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I want to dive in the Great Corral Reef. I told my boys today, that that will be their first trip overseas. Nobody cared, but me.

traci said...

yep, i sang it!! i have never seen that show. will have to look for it.

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