Sunday, February 14, 2010

through rose colored lense

here's to valentine's day 2010

love the funky-tattoo look of this john derian plate

deep breaths of and every day

no flowers, thank you..."you" bought me some funky lipstick this year, honey

{i'm so glad our little system works so well for us both!}

j'amore de musee de francais 
(proof of my very poor hs French training. hey, I went to country school)

pink rosy frame captures valentine cut-out

valentine reading {u kno i heart this mag}

yep, i'm still twitterpated...sigh

always a valentine from my dad

john 3:16.  yep. that's sure love.

happy valentine's day

love the ones you're with



patty said...

again... beautiful music~
great images... love that lipstick... and we have a similar system! ;o

linking to you tomorrow... thanks for that great name!!

happy valentine's day sweet friend!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Your Valentine's celebration put mine to shame! But that's okay, I'm sure Mr. Steve felt very loved, which he deserves to be.

Love deeply.

Mrs. C... said...

Ahhhh. And you used the word Twitterpatted!!! Love it. I got to spend time with the Valentines and then leave for residency. Off again for next weekend. Ahh life will be good when I am done!

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