Thursday, March 18, 2010

beauty all around

one of the reasons i enjoy my new camera so much

{especially now that the sun is shining!}

is because it helps me pause

and think about everyday objects differently

i've learned so much about beauty-in-common-things from bloggers

so when i saw these corks for sale as filler (Target), I grabbed them

believe it or not, i've been wanting corks for decoration

{and since i don't care for the taste of most wines, it was taking me forever to collect them on my own}

aren't they just beautiful?

dare i say i'd choose corks over diamonds?

oh boy...i think i just might!


texassky said...

I've always wanted to have a couple of corks lying around the

I love the simple inspirations. Happy 10 minutes for me.

patty said...

they are warm, aren't they??
when we went to cape cod, one friend saved the corks for {all} the bottles. she wrote: cap code, sept, 2009 on each, stuck a light blue, looped ribbon off the end of each, and gave thenewly created xmas ornaments as xmas presents to each woman who went {whether we drank wine or not!}. :)

Paul said...

As your pictures prove and as experience teaches, corks are not just things to safely secure the contents of bottles.
They can be beautiful in the hands of a photographer such as yourself.
And they can remind us of the good times and suggest that good times will come again.
Off the Cornish coast of SW England there is a medieval island fortress, St. Michaels Mount . Just inside one of the entrances is a model of the whole edifice, made entirely of corks - thousands of them. Over the decades, goodness knows how many, a devoted butler or someone like that carved and shaped and assembled this beautiful reproduction. We congratulated the nameless builder.
And we complilment your photographic art. It is wonderful what one can do with the simplest of things.

Paul said...

Thanks for your very kind words regarding my post, "These are the Days...."

Seizing My Day said...

I love them!! one day I want to make a kitchen pin board out of them...
I wanted to do it with my own wine bottles... thing is... we only really use it for beef stew or meatloaf! once or twice a month... maybe I should go to target also!! ha ha!

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