Monday, March 8, 2010

carry the tulips

i wanted to carry tulips on my wedding day

but the florist told me they were "too fragile"

and so i walked down the aisle carrying roses

which were beautiful {and expensive}

but they weren't tulips

i'm so glad that one of Age's dearest friends is Wisdom

because if that florist told me the same thing today

i would tell him that life is fragile...

"now please hand over the tulips, bud"

{florist pun by accident}


happy monday ya'll --- carry the tulips!

tulips brought to you by....{should I really tell you?}...ok, hold on to your hat, Mildred (and Mrs. Dunbar)...HomeGoods.  WAY!

Be honest, could you tell?!


Mrs. Dunbar said...

I actually thought they were real!

Life is fragile, so enjoy your blessings. Thanks for the lesson.

traci said...

beautiful!!! you are so right.

Paul said...

'Orchard House' theme goes well with this post.
It fits.

patty said...

and no! i KNEW they were real! :)

Mrs. C... said...

Those aren't real???? I wanted to carry tulips as well. They are one of my favorite flowers. However, I got married 4th of July weekend ~ a little warm and late for this flower.

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