Monday, March 22, 2010

sweet surprise

i generally do all my own shopping for my husband and we both love our "system"

{this morning i may be purchasing my mother's day gift. yes, i am usually a few holidays ahead of myself}

last week, my husband bought this amazing tv for me

spur-of-the-moment purchase {so not like him!}

but he knows i really don't like watching tv in our finished basement

{i'm a sky person, not a cave person}

so i had fun dressing our "built-in" armoire (a refitted coat closet)

and have been enjoying my wonderful gift, sitting in our den filled with natural light

i love my new tv

and the love it represents


*The Beautiful Life* said...

And I love this story -- how sweet. Your efforts to honor him have been "repaid" (not the right word...) back to you... That's such a sweet synergy in a marriage.

The vignettes are sooo pretty! I couldn't tell... is that seagrass backing the bookcase or a basket turned up? In any case, LOVE IT! :)


Crazy Blue Spot said...

I love the tv!! But like you, I'm a sky person. Sometimes I like to be in "the cave" but the windows have to be open lol

Sarah G {} said...

What a cute little idea!!

Sarah G {} said...

What a cute little idea!!

patty said...

so sweet, cathy! congrats on this new addition!

Smita Tewari said...

what a lvely way to live & value surprise gifts from each other!
envy you...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i had no idea yall had a basement!
we do TOO!
i LOVE watchning tv down there.
like a cacoon of comfort!

and hip hip hooray to the hubs! way to go!

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