Monday, March 15, 2010


my husband comes from a long line of farmers

ancestors who traveled from Germany to lay claim on the Nebraska prairie

planting corn and wheat

building homes and barns

laying down roots. growing seeds and people

when i walk these prairies, i always get a strong sense of the ebb and flow of life. oceans of wheat representing waves of generation after far as my eye can see

the reaping, the sowing.  people's greatest joys and deepest sorrows, all laid out before me

it's almost like God uses the great expanse of land and sky to remind me that I am traveling well-worn paths

and i feel very small

and very loved


photo: visiting great-grandpa, 2003 -- Pee Wee smiled and said "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."  95 years of traveling, he was ready to finally go home.

farewell kind friends whose tender care
has long engaged my love
your fond embrace i now exchange
for better friends above


Polly said...

Hi, I found your blog through Patty's. So glad I did, what an amazing blog you author! Thank you!

p.s.- and your music is purely splendid, especially on a rainy cold Monday morning!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hey Cathy,

What a lovely post.

Who are the folks in the picture -- is that your dad's dad/grandfather?

As always, your words - oh how full they are even when they are few. A gift, m'dear. A gift. :)



traci said...

i love this post. wheat is my favorite crop. so beautiful.

Polly said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! So nice to meet you! I hope you don't mind, I totally copied some of your music onto my player. My kids have officially proclaimed the "Honeybee" song as their new favorite. You may like Katie Herzig's song, "Shovel".

patty said...

oh, cathy... you always stop me cold... make me take a breath, and continue on. the photos are beautiful, as the are the words. this is a beautiful tribute.

stargo said...


Pema said...

Real great stuff. I like every bit of it. Keep it up.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

That is sweet & pure. Thought provoking!

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