Thursday, March 11, 2010


most days i love being a mom

i am thankful that i get to stay home and make our house a home

this morning i put on my cowboy boots and a dress that resembled the fabric of a grain sack

and helped my puritan-for-the-day son and his classmates set up their Pennsylvania Colony in the gym

we baked pies (frozen) and pumpkin bread (from a box) last night and I staged the table with burlap, an old quilt, a campfire coffee pot, some Bibles, a quilted teddy bear...

i left the colony fair to come home and make our daughter chicken noodle soup (from a can) because she is home from school sick (i only got up once last night to check on her)

then i left to go teach college kids

and i mentioned something during our discussion about making my kids' lunches (bagged chips, salami sandwiches, bagged cookies, no veggies, water in a bottle that ends up in a landfill)

and they gasped.  and i was bewildered

they asked if i cooked dinner...did laundry...did we eat supper together?

yes, yes, yes

{and to myself i thought "and some days i feel like a totally lame mother"}

the majority of their moms hadn't done those things for them

so i explained that i'm basically a stay-at-home mom, and their moms probably worked outside the home full-time which, of course, would mean everyone would have to pitch in more...

nope.  their moms stayed home, too

they said my kids are lucky

i'm glad God sends encouragement in surprising ways through unexpected sources

i'm doin' ok...

and so are you, my sweet mama friends

*tomorrow my friend Patty is having a "motherhood" party where we link up with a "motherhood" photo.  sure hope you'll join us.  time spent with Patty is always fun.


traci said...

that is a busy day. you are a good mom. i made lunch for my kids until they graduated. i figured it's the least i could do. a little bit of love before the went to school. i am happy to say that i am so glad i am done with that though. have a wonderful weekend.

patty said...

i so love this post. your a beautiful woman and a beautiful mama. thanks for encouraging the rest of us along our {well-driven} paths. ((h))

Selina said...

Loved all of it and in my book if I had to open it, heat it up or get it out of the cabinet it counts as cooking :)

tiffany said... are a good mama. As is mine. She has always been like you. Worked...sometimes two jobs, and always managed to clean the house, make our beds, do everyone's laundry, make dinner every night for us, and make sure that we all sat down together around the table to eat that dinner. To this day, some of my fondest memories of my childhood are of us sitting around the dinner table eating as a family. I'm sure your children deeply appreciate what you do for them...even if they may not always express that to you. They will appreciate it much more as they age. I know I do!

Mrs. C... said...

Your kids, are not lucky, they are just incredibly blessed. What a Mama ~ and I hope that your cowboy boots were red! Blessings friend, I have missed you! XoXo

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