Friday, August 27, 2010

{close up}

diptych {up close}

teaming up this coffee and patty's water on leaf

funny how we both shot liquid!

morning is my favorite time of day

{never so until i had children}

expectant and refreshing at the same time

i wonder if patty took her shot in the morning

when everything is watered for the day

readied to meet a new one...

just like me and my coffee


patty said...

ah-i took it after the rain, when all is quiet and peaceful. just like a cup of coffee in the morning... :)

Killlashandra said...

Nice combo, I'll go for a cup of that caffeine myself and it's long past the morning for me. I do agree kids make us all morning people sometimes, mine just have me craving more caffeine then I used too. LOL

Kellee said...

I love both of these images. I'm not big on coffee, but your picture still feels so comforting to me. :)

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