Sunday, August 22, 2010



God begins tendering my heart about a month before we leave for alaska

it's an odd thing...this tendering

i tie-up loose ends with friends...thank you notes, phone calls, quick stops to say goodbye...


it's not that i think i'll go down in one of those bush planes, or fall off a glacier...

{although i do have those thoughts sometimes}

it's just that my heart seems to be set on hyper-sensitive mode regarding all the wonderful people and things in my cup overflows with gratefulness for my life

perhaps God is just peeling off the deadened layers around my preparation to LOVE full throttle


so with my heart in its tenderized state, and two days to go before departure...

i checked the mailbox and found a care package from Patty over at Finding Serendipity

patty and i have gotten to be wonderful friends through blogging...we "get" each other and share so many things in common we've stopped counting

we call, text and email but never so much that either of us feels smothered...

we both like to laugh...we both want to live lives that make God smile...patty helps me to be a better photographer...a better mother...a better person

patty sent me girly bug spray and wonderfully scented bug bite salve (which we needed!) and other totally perfect gifts for someone (a Hyatt girl like me) heading to the last frontier...

and then i opened the card...and just burst into tears


how could someone i've never met send me such amazing gifts and a card with such perfect words?

but that's patty for you...i'm so grateful she's in my life

serendipity means an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident

my friendship with patty seems serendipitous, but i know our friendship is no accident

it's a beautiful and unique gift

{thank you, God}


Tiffany said...

So sweet! I love this post. Aren't girlfriends great? We're blessed to have them in our lives. (Did you happen to see my post about girlfriends??)
I'm sure your friend feels blessed to have you in her life as well.
Oh, and I LOVE all your pics. You have a great eye!

Claudia said...

We are so blessed by our friends, aren't we? How wonderful of your friend, but then, you deserve it!


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the's so true and you really are blessed to have such a wonderful friends. It's amazing how you meet someone miles away that gets you!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

That's so precious! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed & safe trip. I just had the housewife meltdown, yep. Lets just say its time for school to start....anyway as I read your words about peeling away the layers I had to blink back tears! I think Im turning into Shrek!

Kellee said...

Awww, I just love Patty! :)

She's just the best, I'm so happy that the two of you have grown so close. :)

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