Tuesday, August 3, 2010

little {kingdom} sisters


beauty is


simply reality


seen with


the eyes of love

-author unknown

we ended each day of Bible School by heading back to the school for art projects and large muscle games.  when Jesus said "be like the little children", i think He had these sweeties in mind.

trusting. gentle. funny. kind. open. beautiful.

i am richer, indeed, for knowing them!


Mrs. C... said...

I love the picture of beautiful straight adult teeth (what an amazing smile) with the NO teeth gummy grin. That image is going to stay with me throughout the day. What a sweet sweet picture, and I LOVE the crafts. My little one wants to craft now! See, you are influencing kids still this week, in different parts of the country.

Snappy Di said...

Love the contrast in the girls' smiles! Cuteness galore!!


patty said...

these little ones... little balls of potential, different because you and your family touched them. this experience must fill you to beyond full, bursting even... more, more!

Kellee said...

What a truly beautiful bunch of sweet little faces!

Paul said...

It is a commonplace that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Another commonplace: Your words are worth a thousand words.

texassky said...

I would like to scoop those sweet kids up and hug them all! Very sweet. I volunteered at church this past Sunday to fill-in with the Pre-Ks'. TOO much fun!! I was pooped after, as I am sure you are as well. Thank you for sharing the smiles!

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