Monday, August 30, 2010

runway activity


the pilot announced on everyone's vhf (like a cb radio in most every villager's home) that groceries were coming in...

we had just finished our time in the alaskan bush and were waiting at the gravel runway for our journey home to begin


i grew up accepting deliveries in my parents' grocery store

but bananas and diapers didn't come by plane


paul and patrick...long-time friends of work at the grocery store

they drove out, loaded, and were heading back when i ran over to give them a big hug goodbye

we've watched these boys grow up alongside our boys!


paul has always made me is no exception


back to the village store they go...gave me a little lump in my throat

boy oh boy, do i hate goodbyes {always have}

the GOODBYES are the hardest part of our trip...

but they make each HELLO! next year that much sweeter


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the last 2 photos. They really tell the story.


Kellee said...

I really love this little sequence of photos. What an amazing adventure. :)

Mrs. C... said...

I like the photo of the last wave, and you can't see his head although he is trying to see you before the good-bye is over. You are right, good-byes make the Hellos sweeter and that much more joyful!

patty said...

cathy... the picture of him waving over the truck? made me cry real tears. seriously.

deb said...

and heart tugging.

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