Tuesday, August 10, 2010



nathan, our glacier hike guide

i asked about some hikers trying to climb down a part of the glacier without ropes

yeh, them...just a matter of time before something bad happens.  we take people up there, but we're always on ropes.

and those holes in the glacier floor? 

if you fall in one of those, we cannot help you.  you will die of hypothermia or drowning.  there is no way we can get you out.


our flight from one village to another took off in iffy weather.

instead of flying at 750 ft we had to fly at 6000 feet

i had a cold and the pressure in my ears nearly made me cry

i couldn't really hear for 6 hours after we landed


i got lazy and didn't pick my foot up high enough

and fell on jagged rocks

i knew i gashed my knee when i saw the blood on my jeans


we get in and out of these in alaska like we get in and out of our cars at home

i rarely get nervous (thank you, God)

but when i hear about planes going down in alaska

and sightseers stranded on a glacier

i am reminded that although the Last Frontier is breathtakingly beautiful

it is, indeed, unforgiving

all good things are wild and free.
-henry david thoreau


imoomie said...

I feel like I am on the adventure with you...wow!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fabulous post. It's a rugged country and not one that I could ever live in comfortably... but perhaps a place to visit one day.


Mrs. C... said...

I think you post these on purpose to further cement in me the desire to go with you. One day friend, one day........Oh I miss the beauty and quietness of that amazing and beautiful place. Surely there will be a replica in Heaven for us to enjoy when we aren't in the Heavenly beach!

patty said...

i'm so glad you and yours are safe... stunning photos... i love that first glacier shot of you and your family--that one goes to the printer!!

Kellee said...

The glaciers are incredible. Lovely. I hope your knee is okay! This experience of yours is amazing.

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