Friday, August 20, 2010


diptych {organization}

this week's team up theme is {organization}

i guess organization resonates with patty and me 'cuz we're back in the school-year saddle 
i'm still saddling my horse, patty's already left the barn

{her neatly folded clothes on the left, my pretty jar of brown sugar on the right}

for me, an organized home is a basic essential for me being 

clear-headed and joyful


as long as i can remember, i've been an organizer


and i couldn't be happier that the whole world has hopped on the organizing bandwagon

Target combined organizing AND favorites!


even the garage got organized the other day...with old fruit crates i snapped up from my neighbor's trash


pretties always pack a punch when they're organized

my sister asked once if we lived in our van because it was so messy...

but generally?

organizing and keeping house







Anonymous said...

I would have snatched up those crates too if my neighbor was throwing them away. The white ceramic wares look great all grouped together. Messy? what's that? LOL


Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm now following you after looking through such beautiful pictures. I especially love your mantel. My husband is the organization guru in our household and strongly believes in having stuff to hold our stuff. :) Great pictures.

patty said...

i imagine your home peacefully organized... as opposed to mine!! :) happy weekend, friend!

Kellee said...

I wish I had it together enough to keep everything organized. I simply do not. I'm forever a work in progress. :)

Tiffany said...

Ahh, you're a girl of my own heart! I love organzation as well. Especially in my house! Doesn't it just make you feel like you have a clear mind and can go about your day because everything is neatly put away?!? LOVE! ;-)

Anonymous said...

好文不寂寞~支持!!!!@@a 搞錯了,這不是論壇推文 XDDD............................................................

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