Friday, August 28, 2009

5 Joys of the Day

Bring JOY to your servant, for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. Psalm 86:4

We just began a new Bible study this morning in my home
(my house gets cleaned very early on Friday mornings)

The study is called Lord, Change My Attitude by James MacDonald.
(wow, he stepped on my toes this morning...cheeesssszzzzz)

One of my friends told us that at the end of the day she asks each of her children to tell her
"the 5 JOYS of the day."
(maybe this will interrupt their complaining about my "fear factor" menus...)

And so today, I stop, tip head heavenward,
and think of 5 random JOYS this day has brought.
(because it really does make for a better attitude)

1. waking up healthy
2. first cup of coffee
3. clean water from my tap
4. laughing with friends

What joys has God given you today?


Mrs. C... said...

Wake up with really nothing to do today. Me and my family are happy and healthy. I have friends and who love me. Coffee and HIS word, in the morning. The smell of brownies baking in my oven (why am I baking during a heat wave? Don't know!)

Paul said...

Your five joys are splendid.
I will add:

1 A significant, steady and possibly an all-night rain in our camp

2 A letter from the daughter of a much-revered colleague of mine, now deceased.

3 Getting off the Lake before the rain started.

4 A second and even third cup of heavenly coffee this AM.

5 The chance to spend time in The North.

patty said...

i think this is screaming to be a regular thing, with a mr. linky and everything! there's another blog i've visited and at the end of every post, she lists 4 or 5 things she's grateful for... hmmm...:

1. a nothing-to-do saturday that we can savour
2. making cooked-to-order eggs & toast/muffins & juice and iced lattes for my family and my son's friend
3. a cooler than normal morning
4. having time to visit my friend's blog again :)
5. dinner plans and a concert scheduled with my husband this evening :)

thanks for making me smile!

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