Monday, August 31, 2009

Claire & Henry

I saw The Time Traveler's Wife.

Maybe if I hadn't read the book it would have "wowed" me more. Can it be that hard to make a really great movie? In this case, the author of the book did all the hard work!

It could have been unbelievably fantastic, but for me? Not so much. Maybe a "B-" or "C" if I had to grade it.

One scene I truly loved though showed the power a mother's behavior has on her child. It reminded me, again, how our children, no matter their age, are watching and taking their cues from us on how to handle life. We can tell them the cup is half full, but when the rubber meets the road they believe behavior.

I'm glad my daughter (16) and I saw it in the theatre because we enjoyed a date night together, but I really thought it would be my new all-time favorite movie. I guess it's hard for any movie to live up to that! And, as in most cases, reading a book and using your imagination to create settings and characters beats a movie hands-down any day.

Don't fret if you wait for the dvd to hit your library. You'll enjoy the (free) movie this winter while sipping a warm cup of cocoa. Like the book, it makes you think about things in new ways and that's always a good thing.


patty said...

i'm DIEING to read the book! i have just the weekend picked out, too! :) sounds like a fun time for mom & daughter, tho- gotta love sharing popcorn w your favorite people. :)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Looks like I'll be waiting for the DVD.

Glad you had a good night out with your daughter. Had she read the book also?

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