Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manual Labor

This summer we have tried to have our kids do more than unload the dishwasher or take out a bag of trash. They have really been into it (not).

Our daughter powerwashed our wooden fence. Oh, the JOY! Over the weekend, she edged the yard and our oldest son weed-eated (a new word). Heavens to Betsy, you should have seen the slumped shoulders! You should have heard the complaining! I guess they never noticed their Dad and I sweating and working all these years doing these jobs.

But the roofing? Right up these monkeys' alley. Other than my husband yelling "stay away from the edge" 794 times in 2 days, they had a blast. Our garage roof never looked so handsome. And those hard-working roofers were nice to watch, too.
Especially their foreman.


Lissa said...

good mama! It's good to teach the kiddos about hard work! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and then on your blog!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Hmmm... I'm wondering if my kids are old enough for roofing duty? Probably not, but it sure was fun to see your kids at it. Good job!

Mrs. C... said...

Those are the memories I had too, of being a kid and it being summer. My Mom's theory as well as other wise Moms out there was that idol hands were only up to no good. Not only did they do a good job, but they have a memory to go with it. Mr. C. would smile because your sons just had a Wild at Heart moment. Good job Foreman!

patty said...

this is great! my dh (darling husband) always said he was going to have the boys help w projects like this so they learn construction. i think he should teach her, too! :)
yes, i've taught classes for (gulp) over 25 years. can't even believe it. i remember saying to my dh 'i'm gonna quit when i turn 30'. he said, 'what-are you {calling} it?' i said, ' yes! ewww... a 30 year old aerobic instructor? gross!'
let's add 14 to that and call it an even 44. eww.

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