Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hating the Stones

no, not the Rolling Stones

kidney stones (they don't deserve a big font size)

i spent yesterday in bed, not writhing in pain (the usual drill) but uncomfortable

i am so glad we live in an age where I could take these pills

strong medicine

but those stones are little devils. i saved one once. how could anything so small feel like a broken, jagged Chilhuly chandelier traveling through me?

but the bright spot to being down...

...i got to gaze at these all day. my undeserved blessings.

and the two boyish ones couldn't do enough for me. so sweet! chicken noodle soup (without asking for it), checking in on me with the intercom, crawling in bed with me to watch a movie ("you get to choose, mom").

feeling much better today. and grateful for the ugliness of stones in my life

so that i can clearly see and experience the beauty that surrounds me


Lissa said...

oh, that sounds awful! I'm so glad you had something so lovely to gaze upon! Hope you're feeling better!

blondiensc said...

Wow, that sounds awful Cathy. I am glad you had some helpers to keep you company, I hoe you are feeling better soon!

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