Saturday, August 22, 2009

Identity Crisis

lately i've been having a blogging identity crisis

after i re-read this post, i thought to myself...

wow. every party needs a pooper and i'm it

and then i visited a new blog...she was talking about feeling blue in that day's post and her anecdote being God's amazing Word...

but she had a majorly cool dance tune playing

that's more like the real me! i thought

a little bit funky. fun. refreshing. (at least that what's my friends tell me)

chippy paint. scripture. family. shopping. jesus. flowers. good books. great music. poetry. entertaining. prayers. alaska..........

this is you life, are you who you want to be*?

yea, pretty much.

but who am i as a blogger?

who have you decided to be?



*The Beautiful Life* said...

This is a GREAT post -- as bloggers, its easy to get off onto all kinds of different paths in what our posts can look like day to day.... But then, blogging is supposed to be about real life ( I think! ) so, like real life, it is going to have its twists and turns. That's what keeps it fresh! So keep doing what you're doing -- and that will be "you"! ;)


Mrs. C... said...

love the post, and the pictures. My hubby can do that with pictures, but that is not so much my talent. As for the blog, I have come to the contentment that it is what it is for me. I have decided to not necissarily write for others, but rather record my journey the way it happens for me. If others follow along, I will love and appreciate the company. The song......funny story I have about the band ;) I will leave you in suspense for now! Tee Hee

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