Monday, August 24, 2009

laSt niGht of SuMmeR

11 teenage boys in our house right now*

one poker table going strong upstairs on the back porch

one table bickering about rules downstairs

pizza/junk food buffet in the kitchen**

boy heaven

*and 1 fifth grade brother who has been invited to play by his big bro
be still my heart...

**buffet being stalked by 16 year old sister while getting ready to go out with friends

*UPDATE: the 5th grader is winning! the 5th grader is winning! Go figure.

photo: flikr, dupo-x-y


Mrs. Dunbar said...

It sounds like a beautiful sight. I'm sure I will have many years of poker tables... good luck with school this year and teenagers!!!

I only pray Monkey asks Bogie to join them also.

You are a good mom.

Mrs. C... said...

What a heart warming moment, when they remember the younger ones. Treasure it!

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