Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life In Pictures

Routine. One of my favorite words! My season is fall...I love the weather, getting out blankets and lighting fires, watching all the fall sports our kids play, raking leaves...
But summer still has a few weeks to go, and we're packing some fun into these lazy days...
Getting the back porch ready to entertain...our annual surprise birthday party for a good friend is this week! I got her a case of chicken noodle soup*. I love friends who love you when you give them a gift like Campbell's soup. (*Whenever I ask her what she needs from Sam's Club, she always says "get me some soup, please").

Have been meeting with some favorite women from church because I signed on to be a part of an incredibly wonderful ministry called "Women of Titus 2". (The picture doesn't do us justice). Older women mentoring younger women. They totally blessed my socks off 2 years ago, so I'm honored to be a little part of passing the blessing on.

I started another blog! It's for our friends in Alaska. Even in such a remote area, most people have computers and internet access. So, thinking of Paul and his letters of encouragement to the churches he helped establish, but then had to leave, I decided to start a little blog. We'll see how God might use it. Knowing God, He may have given me the idea to help ME grow closer to Him. Go figure.

I flipped on the tv yesterday while I was rearranging and cleaning (truly, two of my favorite things to do!) and watched a little of Something's Gotta Give. I had forgotten how much I enjoy that movie. And the sets? Divine. This is the beach house living room. Swoon.

Speaking of movies, Mrs. Dunbar ...did you know The Time Traveler's Wife is now a movie?! It will be released on August 15th.

Looking at my schedule and beginning to think about which Bible Study we'll do this fall in my home. I have been feeling so sentimental about my friends lately! I have been reminded this summer of how much I take my deep and abiding friendships for granted. Looking forward to Card Club tonight (we stopped playing cards long ago) with 3 friends I met when our oldest kids started kindergarten (and one friend was their teacher). Our oldest are starting 11th grade in a few weeks.


Found a lovely new blog this morning called Humble Pie and this cool song "Koop Island Blues" was playing. It makes me happy.

Have a delightful weekend everyone. You are loved. (Jeremiah 31:3).

all photos from googleimages except back porch


patty said...

it always surprises me, thought it shouldn't by now. i really think we are soul sisters. let's see... in that movie, which i remember the plot, but what i REALLY remember was the decor of that house! and the water glasses! did you notice the water glasses they used at the dinner table?! i went on a hunt for them after seeing that movie, and found similar (i actually found the ones they used in the movie, but they were like $58/glass!) at TJMaxx, my fav place.
and that beach photo is gorgeous.. ahhh...
i also started a second blog, a 365-type project for photos... just a place for me to gather some work.
i'm off to check out yours now... enjoy the card party and weekend!:)

Mrs. C... said...

Routine is one of my most favorite, treasured words ever breathed!!! LOVE IT!!! I also wish that my family room looked like that, the bookshelves is what caught my eye, but love the entire look. Enjoy the party, your friend is obviously a treasure!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Oh dear friend, how I wish you were closer and we could go see The Time Traveler's wife together and then discuss it over coffee afterwards.

A Titus 2 study sounds wonderful, and so useful to us American women.
Please share what you learn this upcoming season.

I too am looking forward to life taking on a 'routine' again.

Paul said...

Pictures, as ususal, a delight.
But how about a caption for the pix of the classroom.
And your sunroom/porch is gorgeous.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

well if your post doesn't put a skip in our step! smile on my face... but felt it inside too!

friends... routine... Fall... some of my fave things too! :)

BIG hugs!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

well if your post doesn't put a skip in our step! smile on my face... but felt it inside too!

friends... routine... Fall... some of my fave things too! :)

BIG hugs!

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