Monday, August 31, 2009

Claire & Henry

I saw The Time Traveler's Wife.

Maybe if I hadn't read the book it would have "wowed" me more. Can it be that hard to make a really great movie? In this case, the author of the book did all the hard work!

It could have been unbelievably fantastic, but for me? Not so much. Maybe a "B-" or "C" if I had to grade it.

One scene I truly loved though showed the power a mother's behavior has on her child. It reminded me, again, how our children, no matter their age, are watching and taking their cues from us on how to handle life. We can tell them the cup is half full, but when the rubber meets the road they believe behavior.

I'm glad my daughter (16) and I saw it in the theatre because we enjoyed a date night together, but I really thought it would be my new all-time favorite movie. I guess it's hard for any movie to live up to that! And, as in most cases, reading a book and using your imagination to create settings and characters beats a movie hands-down any day.

Don't fret if you wait for the dvd to hit your library. You'll enjoy the (free) movie this winter while sipping a warm cup of cocoa. Like the book, it makes you think about things in new ways and that's always a good thing.

Friday, August 28, 2009

5 Joys of the Day

Bring JOY to your servant, for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. Psalm 86:4

We just began a new Bible study this morning in my home
(my house gets cleaned very early on Friday mornings)

The study is called Lord, Change My Attitude by James MacDonald.
(wow, he stepped on my toes this morning...cheeesssszzzzz)

One of my friends told us that at the end of the day she asks each of her children to tell her
"the 5 JOYS of the day."
(maybe this will interrupt their complaining about my "fear factor" menus...)

And so today, I stop, tip head heavenward,
and think of 5 random JOYS this day has brought.
(because it really does make for a better attitude)

1. waking up healthy
2. first cup of coffee
3. clean water from my tap
4. laughing with friends

What joys has God given you today?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Packaging Pushover (Added Photo*)

The kids are back in school and I spent the day galavanting around.

Target has these Watkins cleaning products for sale.


Obviously, even birds like the packaging.

Monday, August 24, 2009

laSt niGht of SuMmeR

11 teenage boys in our house right now*

one poker table going strong upstairs on the back porch

one table bickering about rules downstairs

pizza/junk food buffet in the kitchen**

boy heaven

*and 1 fifth grade brother who has been invited to play by his big bro
be still my heart...

**buffet being stalked by 16 year old sister while getting ready to go out with friends

*UPDATE: the 5th grader is winning! the 5th grader is winning! Go figure.

photo: flikr, dupo-x-y

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Identity Crisis

lately i've been having a blogging identity crisis

after i re-read this post, i thought to myself...

wow. every party needs a pooper and i'm it

and then i visited a new blog...she was talking about feeling blue in that day's post and her anecdote being God's amazing Word...

but she had a majorly cool dance tune playing

that's more like the real me! i thought

a little bit funky. fun. refreshing. (at least that what's my friends tell me)

chippy paint. scripture. family. shopping. jesus. flowers. good books. great music. poetry. entertaining. prayers. alaska..........

this is you life, are you who you want to be*?

yea, pretty much.

but who am i as a blogger?

who have you decided to be?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hating the Stones

no, not the Rolling Stones

kidney stones (they don't deserve a big font size)

i spent yesterday in bed, not writhing in pain (the usual drill) but uncomfortable

i am so glad we live in an age where I could take these pills

strong medicine

but those stones are little devils. i saved one once. how could anything so small feel like a broken, jagged Chilhuly chandelier traveling through me?

but the bright spot to being down...

...i got to gaze at these all day. my undeserved blessings.

and the two boyish ones couldn't do enough for me. so sweet! chicken noodle soup (without asking for it), checking in on me with the intercom, crawling in bed with me to watch a movie ("you get to choose, mom").

feeling much better today. and grateful for the ugliness of stones in my life

so that i can clearly see and experience the beauty that surrounds me

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Hard Word

google image

"You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have...
Then come, follow me."
Luke 18:22

"Sell everything you have," undress yourself morally before God of everything that might be a possession until you are a mere conscious human being, and then give God that." (Oswald Chambers)

"Are you more devoted to your idea of what Jesus wants than to Himself?" (Chambers)

yes. it is far easier for me to be devoted to your causes, Lord, than devoted to you. i am so sorry... but i know you know.

my head drops.

i am naked before you.

I am hearing a hard word this morning. The same hard word was drowning out crickets and katydids the other night as I finished a book about a rich man losing his life to finally live. The hard word could be heard above the din of children singing in Alaska and I started dumping. But I am lazy and have filled myself back up with me.

"Empty yourself. Follow me."

"The great solution is the simple one -- "Come to Me." The depth of our reality, intellectually, morally, and spiritually, is tested by these words. In every degree in which we are not real, we will dispute rather than come." (Chambers)

here i am, Jesus.

empty me.


weak and wounded sinner, lost and left to die. raise your head for love is passing by. come to jesus. come to jesus. come to jesus. and live.*
*come to Jesus, by Chris Rice

Monday, August 17, 2009

Party Details

"Special Delivery"

"Still Life With Bananagrams"
(bananagrams are the best kid birthday gift ever)

laughter, hugs, eating, drinking, merry-making, stories, candlelight, presents, Ace-of-Cakes copycat cake by Angela, kids playing football/badminton/air guitar, tanned faces, soft music, midnight goodbyes.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


good morning!

fun party last night...

late night...

recycling bucket overflowing...

playing with photo's a taste of my foofified piano top...

more later...need to get ready for church...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Party Planning

"Who practices hospitality
entertains God Himself."

Our home smells and looks good. I'm telling you one of my sweet spots is fluffing and foofing my home and I have had fun all week! I'm off to the grocery store now to begin the cooking part of things. Downloading new "porch music" (Dean Martin, The Police, Eartha Kitt, Rod Stewart...) to my iPod later. (Music is a huge part of hospitality in my book). I'll try to remember to take some pictures of our birthday party for you. Right now I have at least 14 candles on our porch and I'll be adding some later! Perfect weather, lovely friends, and "entertaining God". I never thought of it that way. But it's a beautiful thought.
photo: google image

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manual Labor

This summer we have tried to have our kids do more than unload the dishwasher or take out a bag of trash. They have really been into it (not).

Our daughter powerwashed our wooden fence. Oh, the JOY! Over the weekend, she edged the yard and our oldest son weed-eated (a new word). Heavens to Betsy, you should have seen the slumped shoulders! You should have heard the complaining! I guess they never noticed their Dad and I sweating and working all these years doing these jobs.

But the roofing? Right up these monkeys' alley. Other than my husband yelling "stay away from the edge" 794 times in 2 days, they had a blast. Our garage roof never looked so handsome. And those hard-working roofers were nice to watch, too.
Especially their foreman.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life In Pictures

Routine. One of my favorite words! My season is fall...I love the weather, getting out blankets and lighting fires, watching all the fall sports our kids play, raking leaves...
But summer still has a few weeks to go, and we're packing some fun into these lazy days...
Getting the back porch ready to entertain...our annual surprise birthday party for a good friend is this week! I got her a case of chicken noodle soup*. I love friends who love you when you give them a gift like Campbell's soup. (*Whenever I ask her what she needs from Sam's Club, she always says "get me some soup, please").

Have been meeting with some favorite women from church because I signed on to be a part of an incredibly wonderful ministry called "Women of Titus 2". (The picture doesn't do us justice). Older women mentoring younger women. They totally blessed my socks off 2 years ago, so I'm honored to be a little part of passing the blessing on.

I started another blog! It's for our friends in Alaska. Even in such a remote area, most people have computers and internet access. So, thinking of Paul and his letters of encouragement to the churches he helped establish, but then had to leave, I decided to start a little blog. We'll see how God might use it. Knowing God, He may have given me the idea to help ME grow closer to Him. Go figure.

I flipped on the tv yesterday while I was rearranging and cleaning (truly, two of my favorite things to do!) and watched a little of Something's Gotta Give. I had forgotten how much I enjoy that movie. And the sets? Divine. This is the beach house living room. Swoon.

Speaking of movies, Mrs. Dunbar ...did you know The Time Traveler's Wife is now a movie?! It will be released on August 15th.

Looking at my schedule and beginning to think about which Bible Study we'll do this fall in my home. I have been feeling so sentimental about my friends lately! I have been reminded this summer of how much I take my deep and abiding friendships for granted. Looking forward to Card Club tonight (we stopped playing cards long ago) with 3 friends I met when our oldest kids started kindergarten (and one friend was their teacher). Our oldest are starting 11th grade in a few weeks.


Found a lovely new blog this morning called Humble Pie and this cool song "Koop Island Blues" was playing. It makes me happy.

Have a delightful weekend everyone. You are loved. (Jeremiah 31:3).

all photos from googleimages except back porch

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alaskan Throw Party

The next time you want to celebrate something special, I've got a way you can invite as many friends and family (heck, even strangers) over to help you commerorate the occasion. Best of all, you don't have to clean anything in your house or cook!

Here I am with some friends after attending a special party in which we shared in the celebration of our hostess' toddler son catching his first salmon. I'm holding my "favor" (dryer sheets)! I didn't know the hostess or her son. No problem, I was welcome!

Come're invited to my Throw Party! We will celebrate a lot of "firsts" for our family while living in the Alaskan bush! (Sorry, Paul, women and children only).

First, I needed to buy (while in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, or online) some things women would like. Remember, we're living in a remote place so things like plastic dishware, mixing bowls, laundry detergent, towels, and spatulas are popular. I even have some air mattresses, blankets and pillows (gently used) that women are gonna love! (Luckily, my friend told me to write "air mattress" on a clothespin and throw out the pin instead of the mattress! When the party is over, those with the clothespins come up and get their prize!) We also purchased some candy for the kids who come along with their moms, aunties and grandmas. Some of the boys are perched up there on my neighbor's roof.

What? You forgot to buy a gift? Silly girl, no need! As the hostess, I don't expect a thing from you! Just show up, ready to catch.

Yep, you read that right. CATCH!

You totally missed that first throw! Pay attention, now.

You will never come near my front door at this party. Just stand back there with the others. Park your 4-wheeler over there or walk on over and stand below my steps. You might bring a bag with you if you're feeling lucky today.

Inside our artic porch there, Madison and I have several boxes full of goodies you're gonna love. I'm really excited!

Hold your hands up high now. There are so many women here...maybe 50? My friend must have made several announcements over the VHF (the cb-like radios we all have in our homes).

No, I'm not going to throw those big boxes of Bisquick! They could kill someone! I'll hand those down gently to some of the older women up close.

Wow. That went fast! Only 20 minutes, but we worked fast and threw quickly. Did you catch anything? Oh, I so hope you did! And I hope it was something you like, something you can use.

Thank you for helping us celebrate today at our Throw Party. I'm so glad you came!
Photos from 2005 when we hosted a traditional Throw Party before we left the village.
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