Friday, May 28, 2010

brave sisters society


a few friends and i hosted a women's event a week ago

it was divine...


our focus was cultivating a brave life

we chose a french garden theme and i said things like "leve la main" which means "raise your hand" {that's all i could remember from 3 years of high school french}

our friend julie lives in an earthly paradise, so her place was our beautiful backdrop


we hung scripture {about nature} from julie's grape arbor dividers

you almost couldn't hear us read our verses because the birds were so happy!


we like to personalize every.little.thing!  linen garden gloves are no exception...


and the gloves were needed when we planted our own little herb gardens


something about working in dirt...getting back to calming


did i mention julie is a gourmet cook?

our french lunch included croque monsieur, salad, and fruit crostatas


i know

beauty everywhere


each friend left with a bottle of homemade wine with our own handmade labels

some other goodies, too...

all went into their take-out bags

personalized, of course

{because our God is a personal God}

last but not least...while setting up, the pool man showed us what was doing a few laps in the pool {i just went back in to "shrink" him -- UGH!}


{don't worry, that was my zoom lense}

i had wanted the three of us organizers to jump in the pool, fully clothed, at the end

you know, people remember the extraordinary!

but our creepy swimmer was a deal breaker.

friends, God, nature, and amazing food

{and i'm sure the pool man ridding of us the snake is an allegory somehow!}

a foretaste of heaven if you ask me

blessed indeed

*i'm linking up to my friend Patty today and i'll say the snake is my favorite picture of the week...just because patty's son loves them so!


Kellee said...

That sounds like a truly lovely time you spent there. And so pretty. :)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hey there brave sistah...

Oh so glad you didn't jump into the pool with THAT thing!

And if people remember the extraordinary, I shall remember you forever. :)

Have a great weekend!


0612ConsuelaC_Hovey said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.............................................

Cate said...

What a wonderful day out - I so wished I lived near you!

Except for the snake that is....... ;-)

Ruth said...

It looks like a spectacular time. What a nice way to spend time together, minus the snake. YUCK!!


Mrs. C... said...

It looks lovely. Absolutely lovely. All, except for the snake. That would have been a deal breaker for me too. But how poetic, that a snake was found in the midst of your loveliness, while focussing on God. Not unlike another serpent I know who wants to spoil HIS lovely times with us in HIS garden.

Cathie said...

Hi Cathy, this is my first time to visit and I am so happy that I did. Looks like we have more than just our first names in common! I'll definitely be dropping by from time to time throughout the summer.

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