Wednesday, May 26, 2010

once upon a time...


there lived a pretty picture in the girl's basement

she loved it once, but not so much anymore

then she had the idea (blogdom inspires once again) to spray paint over the picture with chalkboard spray paint


and so...tentatively...she.............did!


and she bought some fancy starbucks-style chalk markers with her michael's coupon

and wa-la!

the girl was happy

and wonders what else could use a nice new coat

of chalkboard spray paint


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I really love that!!! :D

I love when we find a way to take something we're tired of, and make it new and into something we can love and use again. Isn't reinvention wonderful?

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Uh oh... better tell the hubs and kiddos to run for the hills!! Mama's got her spray paint and is lookin for somethin' to spray! :)

Hey! Think of how convenient a "chalkboard kid" would be! No more pinning notes to their shirts -- no no, just scribble out the note ON them! :)

Seriously, your pictures are GORGE!!!! Your photography skills are amazing!

LOVE that new creation of yours!!!


Mrs. C... said...

Oooh La La!!! I like it very much! Funny, that I was blog surfing one day and saw the Deut scripture posted on a chalkboard that inspired my blog name. If ya ever wanted to know! Love the daiseys too. They are my favorite flower, for they are happy! ;)

patty said...

love it cathy! i saw it on your photo stream, but didn't realize it was a re-do! great job!!

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