Friday, May 14, 2010

morning light


this is my favorite photo of the week

i snapped our neighbor's house around 6:45 am 

the morning light seemed to be dancing everywhere that morning!

so i went outside with my camera and started shooting

{wearing pjs and slippers}

it was as if God Himself were opening the blinds 

in my little corner of the world

and sending me morning kisses in the warm breezes

i'm sharing at Patty's today where she is hosting "the way i see it"

so consider my photo the warm-up act to Patty's

{her photos are ah-mazing}

and link up yourself,'s fun!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Just stop it, Cathy! :) How DO you manage to put just the best words together to capture a thought/idea?? Your ability to communicate God's love in such a relatable way is just beautiful! I love how you put it -- "As if God Himself was opening the blinds on my little corner of the world..." Wow.

Happy Friday, friend!! :)


Paul said...

Brightly colored doors have a magic about them.
The Irish have a delightful habit of rendering their front doors in a wide variety of bright, beautiful colors.
Such doors invariably suggest a warm, welcoming interior.

Claudia said...

Beautiful. I seem to be much more aware of all this beauty since I have been blogging. I see everything with fresh eyes and want to take photos of it all!


Mrs. C... said...

I love the front door and the way it stands out in a welcoming way. Your neighborhood is beautiful! One day, I sincerely hope to see it in person!

kim said...

Love RED doors, this is a great picture!

Anonymous said...

You are right about the gorgeous light - and I love the red door :-)


Mike said...

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Libbie said...

I love your profile & that ADROABLE pic of you as a child! You radiate sunshine & I love that! That is how i try to live too!!

dens said...

Great blog! Keep up the good work...

imoomie said...

God is so good to show us His presence in the most unexpected ways, if only we take a moment to notice.

Great post!

Kellee said...

That's a gorgeous image. I love how that impressive shadow is passing right through that lovely front door. Good eye :)

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