Saturday, May 8, 2010



it's mothers day.  that's me.  i'm a mom.  

and anything good i do as a mom i owe to my own amazing mom

and today i had my son snap this picture

because it was a good hair day

and i thought as i brushed it out

standing in front of the mirror

"mom would like my hair today"

and then i put on some dark colored lipstick so my teeth would look whiter

{it still works, mom}

yesterday i heard a funky rendition of "you are my sunshine" on a website

my mom used to call me "sunshine"

so, of course, i thought of her and smiled from ear to ear

i miss sharing good hair days and successful cooking feats and new paint colors and kids' milestones and artsy ideas and blogging friends and God stuff and people magazine and annoying students and funny dad stories and dog complaints and husband brags

who do i ask about how gladys bailey died or if i use chicken stock or beef stock in wedding soup or have i always had ridges in my fingernails or how did you make it through our hormonal years or do you think our dog is really a lemon or how did you ever deadhead all those petunias on the mound?

i suppose one should want to hug Jesus first upon entry into heaven...

but i think He understands that i'll need to hug my mom first


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Cathy... You go right ahead and run over to your mom for one very l-o-n-g, sweet embrace. I know He'd want your to take your time and breathe her in again after so many years apart. After all, sweetie -- we'll finally have all of E-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y to get caught up.

You and I? We are gonna have us a blast in heaven together! Suppose our houses will finally be just across the fence from each other? Suppose we'll still want our cowhide and zebra rugs? :)

Happy Mother's Day -- oh, and by the way, YOU LOOOK MAHVELOUS! :)


abigail said...

the pumpkin waltz song went perfectly with your post. sad but still kind of happy at the same time. i'm sorry about your mom but, that was beautifully written. :)

patty said...

oh cathy... again, you move me to tears! i'm sorry for your loss, however long or not-so-long ago it was. what a beautifully written post.
and you do look gorgeous... i love your jacket and your necklace and your glasses and your hair and your shiny white teeth and your lovely sunroom {can we have coffee there someday?] and your pretty candlesticks and... and.... and...
love to you, today and always~

Tiffany said...

So sweet. Brought a tear to my eye. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Jamie said...

:) Hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing these private thoughts and feelings. You inspire me!

Kellee said...

Oh that is lovely, made me all teary eyed. I hope you had a lovely mother's day!!

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