Sunday, May 2, 2010



sometimes a camera in hand 

reminds me

of the beauty


that resides

right here on my very own street


we are blessed to have that "small town feel" in a big city kinda place

expecting barney fife or aunt bee to meet us on the sidewalk 

near anna's lily of the valley 


it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood


Claudia said...

Such beauty in your own neighborhood!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Wow... How incredibly lovely! And how incredibly insightful of you to stop and recognize the beauty right around you.

Now I REALLY wish we were back fence neighbors!! :)


patty said...

beautiful, cathy! i love snowball trees... they look like white hydrangea to me... love 'em. my fav shot is that sidewalk one, tho... looks like a place i wish i was! :)

Paul said...

The white flowers; the sidewalk and trees; the lily of the valley; Mr. Rogers; and of course, 'Orchard House'.
Small town indeed.
You remind us that hope is alive and well in the land.
Oh the memories this post recalls.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

what a lovely neighborhood. i am loving that american flag.

Mrs. C... said...

What a lovely, lovely neighborhood. It seems to have a Mayberryesq quality. I wish I was there strolling with you. I am sure giggling would be involved! Glad to visit you friend. I promise, a post is coming, I just can't get the words right for what is on my heart.

Kellee said...

That is amazing! I live in the desert. You will not likely see anything like this around here.

I'm jealous!! :)

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