Thursday, May 27, 2010




when i saw patty's photo this week for our WORN theme 

utterly speechless

the wood grain...the vivid blue...the CHICKEN.WIRE!

teamed up with my photo of my worn red wagon

in front of my worn green metal wheelbarrow

the colors together...

the patinas

the rust

simple. organic. beautiful.

and i am so thankful to my team-up buddy for helping me train my eye

the see the beauty everywhere


Kellee said...

This is a really lovely pairing. I enjoy seeing these every week! :)

patty said...

aw, cathy! we both used the word 'patina'! i'm afriaid my post was a bit... um... mello-dramatic? um... darn depressing...uhhhhh..... unfortunately, just the way i'm feeling the last few days. {sigh}
hopeyou are off to a good day!

Mrs. C... said...

Do You know what a good ol' aged wheelbarrel and wagon are great for? Holding flowers!!! Yep. Our Radio Flyer is now the home of flower pots to elevate them off of the ground for height on the patio. The wheelbarrow is filled with flowers that add more color! Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

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