Thursday, May 6, 2010


patty and me...meant to be!

it should be no surprise that, without planning, we both made faces...

and we both are sporting aqua colors

patty's so tech smart, she "teamed us up" again this week

and gave our photos a copyright thing-a-ma-jig!

ok--so self portrait followed by a little Q & goes

{wonder if patty and i will have similar answers!}

When meeting new people, they are surprised...I am so funny.  I can be very"qwitty" (quick and witty all at once!).  Men are especially surprised (ball game Dads, etc) that my "funny" is actually intelligent.  Go figure! 

If I could meet an historical figure who would it be?  I would definitely want to meet Harriet Tubman (bravery)...Mark Twain (funny)...Socrates (I would ask him questions...get it?)...a pioneer woman (perseverance)...Ella Fitzgerald (raw talent, and I think we'd laugh a lot)...and a relative from long ago (i love family ties). {as for someone living, i want to meet Patty someday!}

Least favorite chore: cleaning the shower stall.

My favorite thing to do on a free day: shopping...specifically for antiques and home decor.  I love window shopping high-end to get ideas and then finding something even better that's less moo-la.  Lunch would be part of my day...somewhere with amazing sweet tea and creme brulee.

The most adventuresome thing I've done: lived in the Alaskan bush with my husband and children (ages 6, 9, and 12) for 6 weeks in 2005., don't walk...on over to Patty's little corner of the world...

she's out finding serendipity, but her door is always open!


patty said...

omgosh... can i just tell you? creme brulee? my fav. yes, it is. i shouldnt be surprised anymore. but i am. :) fun, fun, fun!! love doing this with you!

kim said...

The song played to the end and then I heard these singing birds and they freaked me out - I didn't realize the song had ended and I was looking outside to find the birds!
I love this post, from both of you!

And I made creme brulee for the first time recently - it was great, and fairly easy to make (which shocked me).

Cate said...

So I'm not a creme brulee girl - dessert isn't dessert without chocolate in my books.....BUT, I have come over to put you out of your misery girl :-)

Patty had the same questions when she saw that instrument on my Facebook - it is a soprano saxophone (so yes, it is a woodwind) - the type that Kenny G plays.

Love your blog!!

Kellee said...

I really really do love these pairings of yours. I love the faces. I'm glad you guys got together to do your thing. It's fun to see what you come up with!! :)

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