Saturday, July 19, 2008

Early Riser

Well, life has been pretty busy in Alaska. I have so many things I want to say, but I am reminded of the many things I've got to get done this morning, so I'll keep this brief. But at least you'll know I haven't been eaten by the bears.

As the song leader for Bible School, I have the distinct privilege of seeing the childen's faces while they are singing and dancing. We begin at 1:00 but children start coming to the church as early 12:00. By 1:00, someone on the team usually has to guard the door as the children begin pushing on it, hard, to get in. Yesterday the opening song was started and from my place up front I saw at least 25 children running into the church to get seats up front. (The custom here is to start seating in the back rows first, so for children to run to sit up front at church, no less, is incredible.)

The daily dramas and puppet show have been well received, as has been the village picnic (held inside due to weather -- I've never inquired about the wind chill in July until this year!). We had a women's prayer and tea time last night which was literally the Bible come to life in front of our eyes...sisters in the faith coming together to encourage and build each other up. It really was a glimpse of heaven -- no barriers, no differences, no awkardness...we were one in Christ. I am continually amazed how God takes new friendships to unbelievable depths in such a short time. I am so grateful.

We had movie night last night. The church elder dinner the night before. Arts and games in the afternoons and basketball, too. Basketball in the evenings. A church elder pulled Steve aside the other day to talk. A friend and I prayed back at the school when Steve still hadn't returned after 30 minutes. We were thinking that we had somehow overstepped our bounds or done something wrong, but when Steve returned he was beaming. The church elder shared that all the elders love what our church does in the village. Sunday school attendance is up after we leave. Steve was asked if the elders could invite other villages to come and participate in the future? And could we consider taking our unique Bible School program to 22 other villages? Humbling. God could do all this on His own, but He loves having us take part...and I'm so glad He does!

We haven't had many moments to catch our breath, but that's how it should be. We are here for such a short time and don't want to miss any opportunities for building relationships with the children and adults. And while I'm looking forward to my own bed and our hot shower, and our dog Quincy...and our home, I am already dreading saying goodbye.

Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them. Last night after tea and prayer, 15 very different women joined hands and sang several songs...some in Yup'ik, some in English, some in both languages. The last notes were sung straight from our hearts and straight to the heart of God.

God is so good.
God is so good.
God is so good, He's so good to me.

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