Friday, July 11, 2008


Thank you to all our prayer warriors who have been lifting up my health today. We have been worried that I may have a kidney stone brewing (which would NOT be a good thing for a variety of reasons), but my backache has eased up this afternoon (stone pain goes from "bad to worse" quickly for me). Thank you for continuing to pray. I do think it's interesting that my backache came on suddenly after leaving the house of a new friend yesterday. Our total discussion was spirit-filled and God glorifying. I am glad I cannot see the spiritual battles going on as people all over the world bring the hope of Jesus to hurting people everywhere.

Afternoon programming went well today. I did little girls' fingernails while Steve and the boys did basketball games. Madison was a human tree letting all sorts of little nuts hang on her :) After ball, we played several really fun and new games. One had us all hysterical with laughter...a relay in which each child had to run down and sit on a balloon trying to get it to pop. Then they would run back and the next child would take his/her turn. One would think a balloon being sat on would pop fast, but it doesn't!

As always, when reaching out to others my own ills faded away. One little friend quietly asked me who drew the princess on her birthday card we sent her last winter. We send a lot of cards, but I recall the card and told her I bought that card at the store just for her. She smiled and said "I still have it." The little girl going through the health scare ran up behind me (I wonder why my back hurts!), threw her arms around my waist and said "I love you!"

Thanks for the prayers. God hears and even if I get a stone, He'll answer in His own way and all will be okay. (Remind me I said this if it actually turns out to be a stone :)

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Sissy said...

Thank you for inspiring me as I sit in all the comforts I've come to expect. I continue to lift you up to the great Healer and know He will take care of you. May He continue to use you for all of His children! How could they not love you!

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