Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gym Floor Sleeping

Need. To. Go. To. Bed.

Team arrived yesterday afternoon--ye-ha! Always great to see them. Our friend alerted us after hearing about their whereabouts on the VHF (CB-like radios in each house that chatter all day -- everything from "Robby come home now" to "9 Ohio people coming in on Grant Airlines in 15 minutes").

Around 8:30 a new kindred spirit arrived seeing if I wanted to sit down together and study God's Word. Of course! A de-lightful, amazing 2 hours we had and can I just tell you we laughed our heads off together? We have the same zany way of seeing the world and our faith walks. I'll have to write more later about how God introduced us because our friendship is a miracle. The only downer (and it was well worth it) was drinking a cup of coffee around 9:00. I knew I shouldn't but I did.

And I paid for that dose of night-time caffeine.

1:30 AM people! Finally started dozing when nighttime noises, from many people sharing sleeping quarters, began revving up.

2:00 AM headed to the gymnasium with my air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.

Have I told you how creepy the school gymnasium is at night? When it's dark? And you're all alone?

So I kept the gym lights on. And since people came and went on their way to the bathrooms, and into the kitchen (water?) at odd times, I cocooned inside my sleeping bag. I heard several early risers ask each other "whose body is that under there?"

And then I woke up. At 6:00 AM.

So now I'm going to bed. I know you understand. I'll fill you in Bible School and various and sundry other things tomorrow.


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