Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rainy Days

Greetings from chilly Alaska! The high today will be 50 degrees with lots of clouds and rain. The most I did yesterday was stick my nose out the door and say "ohhhhhh." But the rain didn't stop the village kids and they all came to play. Many stood outside the school doors for an hour as they didn't remember we had moved the start time back an hour to accomodate the other group staying at the school.

We all had fun chatting in the bleachers during basketball (I haven't had to play yet!) and then singing and playing "volleyball" with our big blow-up ball we brought, and relay races with marshmallows on spoons. We visited with a couple good friends in our room after afternoon activities (we had to sneek them in so the other kids wouldn't feel bad) and one had dinner with us (Campbell's chunky soup, rice, and pilot bread--a thick, bland cracker). Evening brought young adult basketball and a family game of Uno before bed. Everyone slept in this morning and we're taking turns getting warm showers now! I woke up without a raging headache for the first time this morning so, all in all, it's been a great start to the day here in Alaska. In a little bit we'll head to the store to buy a few groceries, a sweatshirt and some winter hats!

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