Sunday, July 6, 2008


We're in the village! Good to be here. Wonderful to be greeted by two little girlfriends we know and grateful I remembered both their names. Working to set up our air mattresses in our classroom where we sleep at the school, unloading food, and basically setting up house. Church tonight and then bed. (I'm looking at my air mattress longingly right now.) So glad to have internet access so far. Water no, but that's alright. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more energy and can post with pictures.

Weather's beautiful. Mosquitos out in full-force.

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bfahs99 said...

"I knew you could make it to Alaska. Jesus is always with me, too, we know He's watching you. I wish I knew what your airmatresses looked like. I wish I had those at my house, but we just have sleeping bags. Well, hurry back from your sleep-over!"

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