Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Too Sleepy for a Catchy Title

Another interesting day in the village. I spent most of the day putting our food and supplies away while Steve and the boys were out fishing for King Salmon with a good friend (our friend caught 25 lb. King; boys said a big one "got away"). Right before they left we were surprised by visitors...another group of about 15 from a college campus. They'll be staying in the school so we consolidated our stuff to make room. It's like a hotel!

I have been emailing a woman from the village throughout the year. We didn't meet last year but her written prayer request (last year) touched my heart so much that I emailed her last fall and we became fast "cyber-friends". Well, yesterday at church a woman approached me from behind and introduced herself--we finally met in person! I'm sure my face relayed my delight as I threw my arms around her. Friendships born in Christ are simply the best kind! Before going our separate ways, she invited us over for dinner (for today) and we gladly accepted. I'm writing now on a full belly and a smile on my face. We hit it off immediately and have similiar personalities. I think God must have been beaming as our families broke bread together and got to know each other. And laughed...we did a lot of laughing!

Played with loads of kids this afternoon and after dinner. Time for bed now. I got a kink in my neck and a headache from the new pillow I brought, so I was up early. I would say "at dawn" but since the sun doesn't really set here in the summer I'll just say 6:30 AM.

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Sissy said...

Wow, company on your first day. God must be expanding your ministry to include those from the lower 48, too! So glad you got to meet your cyber friend and have dinner with her. I can imagine your grateful surprise as she introduced herself. God works in such amazing ways! Glad to hear all is well. Hope your headache is gone. Sissy

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