Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tundra News

Good morning from Alaska!

Yesterday was filled with kids' activities and basketball. It's great to re-connect with all of our little friends. So fun to see how they've changed in a year. Some of the teen boys have dramatically changed in appearance and are beginning to look and sound like men. I am always especially touched that the teen girls still seem glad to see this "old lady" from Ohio and freely initiate hugs and smiles when they see me.

I kept one little friend close yesterday during basketball as she is facing some scary health issues. As the afternoon went on, she moved closer and closer to me and finally put both arms around my waist. We laughed and were silly with the other kids and God opened doors for me to touch on her condition in open and light ways. She is a favorite of the team's, so I know their presence next week will encourage her.

No water yesterday and this morning. I would love to wet my hair (at least) as it's looking mighty interesting. I thought I had solved my bed-head mess by wearing a baseball cap yesterday, but the kids enjoyed snatching it off. I told them I would rig up a bonnet with a tie under my chin so they couldn't steal my hat today.

Tried posting some pictures, but blogger wouldn't let me. I'll try again soon. There's a great one of a child holding a dog, but the greatness of the photo lies in the background where the camera caught Madison sitting on the playground equipment with many children hanging on her neck and shoulders. She is a trooper as all the little ones want to be holding her every minute. The boys are having fun riding bikes and playing with their friends.

Bears have been spotted at the old airport, but we haven't seen any. We were shown a dead baby mouse by one of the kids. I went over to look thinking it was going to be a cute little furry thing, but it was a very pink little blob. I don't think the kids realized it was dead and in matters like that we choose not to tell them! Although when asked if they wanted to hold it, all 3 of our kids said a resounding "no, thanks".

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