Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why Missionaries Have Long Hair

Ok, so I suppose it's good that we can't download pictures as you would see that my short haircut is not cooperating at all while we're here. My family has been teasing me (lovingly, of course) about my "bowl cut". But I have given up most of my vanity while here until last night at church. Somehow our name got put on the list to sing during the song segment of the service. (I had to lean back and ask a native friend if the man actually said "Ohio"). After I revived myself, Madison and I decided we could sing a song we have been practicing for our Praise and Worship Service next week.

So, up we went in front of the whole church. Our daughter looking perfectly clean and well-kept. Her mother, on the other hand, looked like a homeless woman. Hair sticking up in the front. Hair matted down in the back. One short side of hair flipping up and the other side curled under. No makeup and a stained pink sweatshirt (the only one I brought). I was a sight to behold. But we sang our song in front of all those people who may now assume, thanks to me, that all middle-aged white women look like disheveled and scary cave dwellers.

And that's why experienced missionaries grow their hair long.

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Sissy said...

Hysterical, that's what you are! Suggestion - get rid of all mirrors in the village and don't look in puddles while walking by. Actually a head covering of any sort sounds like it might be welcomed by your family. A wig would work and keep you warm so you wouldn't have to keep wearing your stained, and only sweatshirt. Only suggestions...

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